PLS Training II

Welcome from Albie Derbyshire & Elizabeta Kuzevska
Creators of The Online Marketing Academy!


 Step 9:


HERE for specific details. (No need to re-join PLS using this
link. You are ALREADY a member of PLS, so please ignore 
the sales "join for $1" green 


Step 10:

Start Advertising!

You should now have a strategy plan for how 
you're going to start advertising. 

a) If you need additional tips and help to start a Udimi
campaign then go 

b) If you have questions about other traffic or advertising,
then call/text or email your sponsor below (or Albie):

Click for Email Address 


Step 11:
NEW Subscribers? Or
Got a New Gold Member?

If you have gotten a new Gold PLS member through using
Udimi, (most members do when use Udimi correctly), then
you will need to know how to respond to them?

You also may want to know how to respond to all your
subscribers that you got too? 

The answer to both of these questions is waiting for you under
 the 11th tab on the right (at the top of this page) called "SCRIPTS".
Scroll up to the top of the page and see where it is located, 
so that you know where to go whenever you get a new 
subscriber or Gold member!  

(After you click on the "Scripts" tab, just scroll down to the video
and watch it to understand what to do first). 

You can also access that same page by going 
Scroll down and watch the video to begin. 

Step 12:

PLS Delivery Rate

Now that you have some subscribers, GREAT JOB!
You're building your list and this is critical to success.

Now make sure you have your PLS autoresponder system
set up to get the best deliverability you can with PLS 


Step 13:

PLS Auto-Emails

Now we need to learn how to email your list 
an understanding of the autoresponder emails going out
on your behalf), then how to send a scripted message
to your new subscribers and finally how to write a basic
email to your subscribers each day.

Why each day? Well, it's kind of like growing plants. If the 
plants don't get sun and water each day, they will die!
your subscribers will not get to know YOU if you don't 
connect with them each day. If you want to eventually get 
sales each day, you need to build that daily relationship 
with your list so they get to know, like & trust you. 
This will open the door to consistent daily sales!

So here is a training on what messages are going out 
on your behalf 

Step 14:

PLS Tracking

In PLS choose ONE link to advertise and then get at least 
1000 hits to that link.
 If you have at least 1-2
subscribers (per thousand hits), then you're at least on the right track.
The more subscribers per thousand, the better. 

If you don't get at least 2 subscribers, then you will 
need to change the capture page and try again. 

Use this training to help you know how to track
your links with PLS 

If you did NOT get at least 2 subscribers per thousand hits,
please call/text your sponsor (or email Albie)




We look forward to working with you! 


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